Get in the pilot's seat with High Flight Academy

Only about 2% of the American population holds a pilot’s license. Pilots are a unique, elite group that share the passion of flying with an enthusiasm that is downright contagious. High Flight Academy can get you in the pilot’s seat immediately. But identifying why you want to be a pilot can help guide you to the right certificate, shape your training and make the most of your experience.• Freedom – Have lunch at the beach, then dinner in the mountains. Owning a private pilot’s license makes the world a smaller place… with no baggage fees.
• Career – Get paid to leave the ground. Charter services, airline pilots, flight instructor. There’s a multitude of directions your aviation career can travel.
• Business – Put the hassle of long lines, lengthy layovers and lost hours in the boardroom behind you. Save on hotel time by ending your multi-city workday in the comfort of your own home.
• Just For Fun! – The view is stunning. The clouds are calling. Each outing is its own challenge and reward.

What We Offer

New Pilots

It’s never too early to start your training. High Flight Academy welcomes aspiring pilots of all ages to start their journey to a license here.

Proficiency Courses

Offering biennial flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks to keep you in the pilot seat.


Additional Ratings

Widen your freedom by adding an instrument rating to your credentials.

Commercial Pilots

Want to turn aviation into a career? A Commercial Pilot certification allows you to get paid to fly.