Discovery Flight: Get Inspired

Ready to make that dream a reality?

Take the first step to discovering if a pilot license is right for you. Our Discovery Flight program puts you right where you want to be — poking holes in the clouds behind the throttle of a Cessna 172.

Whether the flight serves as launch to a new hobby or a first step toward an aviation career, Discovery Flight offers adrenaline.

The program includes an hour with one of our Certified Flight Instructors, who will give you the run down on what it takes to man a plane.

During this time, you'll take to the air for 30 minutes with the instructor and, if you wish, a guest passenger of your choosing.

Introductory Flight Lesson

What better way to decide if now is the time to get that pilot's license than a first lesson.

Our Introductory Flight offers in-depth instruction on pre-flight inspection, a hands-on one hour in the air and ample opportunity afterward to ask questions.

While airborne, you’ll paint the sky with white contrails while flying basic maneuvers like straight-and-level flight, climbs, descents, and turns — from the pilot’s seat.

A great way to meet our staff while getting a feel for flight, an Introductory Flight Lesson can be counted as the first lesson in earning your private pilot's license.

Included in the cost is the opportunity to take a guest passenger of your choosing and later receive a digital photo of your experience.